agroinca productos peruanos de exportacion s.a.

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It started its operations in May 1986 under the name of Agroindustrias del Colca S.A., developing its activities in two experimental agricultural centres located in the desert of La Joya, 60 km southwest of the city of Arequipa.

Agroinca PPX's current business units include the cultivation of avocado, pomegranate, asparagus and Andean grains, which are sold on the world market.

All our activities are carried out under a philosophy of respect for man, the earth and our stakeholders, which is summed up in our corporate slogan: Working Responsibly.
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Corporate name: agroinca productos peruanos de exportacion s.a.
Company ID: 20327739230
Pais: Peru
City: arequipa
District: arequipa
Address: cayetano arenas 143
Landline number: 054226256
Cell phone number: 994233180
Main products: avocado hass, pomegranate wonderful
Main markets: Agroexportaciones
Business type: Exporter
Year of start of activities: 1986
Export start year:
Total employees: 200-500
Export Value of the last 2 years (FOB):
Export Volume of the last 2 years (Tn):
Corporate Image Developed:
Company Size (Only Peruvian Companies):
Experience in International Business Platforms:
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  • Peru
    fresh avocado hass
    fresh avocado hass
  • Peru
    fresh pomegranate
    fresh pomegranate