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Since 1984, in Corporacion Progreso SAC we have designed and manufactured high-quality stainless steel tableware, cookware and equipment for the Hospitality, Construction, Architectural and Healthcare Industry, under its Hi-lite Brand. We have been constantly innovating in order to adapt to our clients’ needs, in Peru and overseas.

As a peruvian company committed to our customers’ growth, we are inspired to satisfy and exceed their expectations, mainly through technological innovation.

Relying on our team and Discovery Inox – a company belonging to our corporate group that imports stainless steel material –, we can deliver the best accompanying service to our customers, offer tailored products at competitive prices and guarantee the quality of our products.

NSF certified, our rotisserie ovens are sold in USA mainly, and our team manages the export process smoothly for our customers.
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Corporate name: Corporación Progreso SAC
Company ID: 20101312781
Pais: Peru
City: Lima
District: cercado de lima
Address: av. venezuela 2020
Landline number:
Cell phone number: +51 997971877
Main products:
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Business type: Manufacturer
Year of start of activities: 1984
Export start year:
Total employees:
Export Value of the last 2 years (FOB):
Export Volume of the last 2 years (Tn):
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Commercialized Products / Product of interest
  • Peru
    eco-friendly rotisserie oven - 01 piece
    eco-friendly rotisserie oven - 01 piece
  • Peru
    eco-friendly rotisserie oven - 02 pieces (oven + stand)
    eco-friendly rotisserie oven - 02 pieces (oven + stand)
  • Peru
    charcoal rotisserie oven
    charcoal rotisserie oven
  • Peru
  • Peru
    chinese box
    chinese box